Join Protest of Korea Free Trade Agreement

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A press release from Nodutdol in New York City

THIS WEEK, Wed. May 25 and Thurs. May 26, from 2-5pm Eastern Standard Time on both days, we are calling upon you to mobilize for a phone/online campaign urging members of the House of Representatives to vote NO on the Korea-U.S. Free Trade Agreement. This disastrous NAFTA-style deal has been signed but still needs to be ratified by the U.S. Congress and South Korean National Assembly to go into effect. We must let members of Congress know that we oppose this deal before it’s too late. Congress could vote on this bill as early as the week of Memorial Day, so the time is NOW for quick action.


Call YOUR Congressperson along with others from our attached call list of 30 undecided or pro-FTA Congresspeople. We know the list is long, but please try to call at least those reps from your state. We have also included a phone script to use or adapt as you need. We have been told time and again that phone calls really do matter. If you can't speak to the trade staffer, please leave a voicemail.


2. If you absolutely can't call during these hours, please email the trade legislative aides of each of these Congresspersons. (The email addresses are also listed on the call sheet).

You can also email your representatives directly with a few clicks through the Citizens Trade Campaign website, where you type in your zip code and send a pre-drafted email to all of your House and Senate representatives (just 2 steps!) :

ONLINE SUPPORT: During the online/phone campaign, if you need support, have questions or would like to share your strategies and tactics, someone will be available from 2-5pm (Eastern standard time) on May 25-26 in a group chat on gmail.

To contact for questions or to be added to the online group chat:
1. Please add to your list of contacts if you have gmail, and chat with us or send a message to be added to the chat when you are online.
If you do not have gmail, please email with your questions.

3. Please forward this flier on and get at least 10 more people/neighbors/allies to make phone calls and send emails during these 2 days of action. It would be especially great to have any constituents of the 30 reps on our call list to make phone calls or send emails.

4. Tweet / Facebook post and spread the news during this time.

Here are some links you can tweet and share on Facebook/ Twitter:

* KAFT Letter to Congress:
* Korea Policy Institute: Interview on Public Health System
* Korea Policy Institute: Free Trade Kills Korean Farmers
* Citizen’s Trade Coalition "12 Things You Need to Know about the Korea-US FTA"
* Tweet facts from our fact sheet (Use hashtag #Korusfta )

5. If you would like to stay informed, please join Nodutdol's enews listserve at this link (

If you would like to be part of a legislative visit to the district offices of NY representatives on the call list and are a constituent of one of these Congresspersons, OR
If you have additional resources to share (i.e. translation, video-making, music, other talents) please email .

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> More Background >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Why should I care about this FTA? (Also see attached fact sheet)

At this time, the Obama Administration in the U.S. and the Lee Myung Bak Administration in South Korea are pushing hard to pass the proposed Korea-U.S. Free Trade Agreement (KORUS FTA). This agreement, modeled on the disastrous NAFTA deal, was negotiated in 2006-07, in the period of deregulatory frenzy that led to our current economic recession. Although there were some new negotiations in 2010, the chapters on financial deregulation and the excessive power given to transnational corporations continue to be core to the agreement.

The agreement forbids reference to substantive sections of labor rights contained in the International Labor Organization standards. The deal also makes environmental protection more difficult, lowering emissions standards for Korea, and enables corporations to sue governments over health, food and environmental standards. KAFT is in favor of trade that benefits people, but this deal simply strengthens corporate rights in both countries at the expense of people’s rights, their health, and the environment. For more information about the proposed KORUS FTA, see the attached fact sheet from