Jin Restaurant Workers' Year-Long Struggle for Decent Treatment

Jin Asian Cuisine in Saugus is one of the largest Chinese restaurants in Massachusetts. With nearly 1,000 seats, it does millions of dollars in business every year. However, it’s a huge facility that specializes in weddings and has gotten lousy reviews.

The owners had decided to try to balance their books by screwing the workers, particularly the Chinese. Chinese wait-staff have reported, 6 12-16 hour workdays a week, stolen tips and pay, no meal breaks, and unsafe conditions. Non-Chinese temporary workers were paid twice as much as Chinese.

When workers complained, they were fired and then falsely accused of stealing tips by the management.

As a result, in 2006, Chinese & Latino workers initiated a class action lawsuit to recover back wages. While Latino workers settled their portion of the suit this year, the Chinese wait-staff continues to struggle on through 2007.

As the workers prepare for another negotiation the first week of December, they are rallying support. The workers are demanding an apology, compensation for stolen pay, safe working conditions and an end to intimidation and retaliation.

They are asking people to contact the Jin Restaurant at 781-231-8888, Fax: 781-231-8899.

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