Invisible Minority: Chong and Voting

There may be no greater symbol of Asian Americans being this country's invisible monority than the case of Daniel Chong. Chong was the UC student that the U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) threw into a holding cell and promptly forgot about. Wiithout food and water, Chong also had to endure a cell without toilet facilities.This went on for five days, and Chong had to drink his own urine to survive, and he was covered in his own feces when the DEA finally heard him. Chong spent a week in the hospital, the first several days in intensive care. To get the DEA's attention, Chong has filed a suit for $20 million.

In another sign of being invisible, the Asian American Justice Coalition and Lake Research have released a survey that shows both major parties have ignored Asian American (AA) voters. The Democratic Party has reached out to only 23% of AA voters over the last two years. The Republican Party has been even worse - contacting only 17% of AA voters over the same period. On the other hand, the Democratic Party should have the lead in outreach: 53% of AA voters in this survey are Democrats vs. 16% identified as Republicans - is the Democratic Party taken them for granted? The survey is available here.