Intermarriage, UTA Asian American Studies, Georgia English-Only

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The Georgia state legislator has attempted to require Englsh-only driving tests. A local Asian American group - Atlanta based Asian American Legal Advocacy Center is among the main groups opposing it. A version of the bill passed, but state Representative B.J. Pak, a Korean-American and Republican, was one of those who helped amend the bill - limiting the language requirement only to the common words used on traffic signs.

As we predicted in a report on the struggle for Asian American studies at Cal State LA, the fiscal crisis of publicly supported public universites is threatening other Asian American studies programs. The current struggle is at University of Texas Austin. The College of Liberal Arts cuts are targeting ethnic studies programs, ranging from 10 to 40% budget slashes. The Students Speak is a group that is fighting thiese cuts to ethnic and gender studies. A walk-out of class has already occured, and flash mobs, banner droppings, a march are being planned for March 2.


Based on recent census data, intermarriage in the U.S. has increased over the past few decades. Asian Americans may be out of step. From 1980 to 2009, out of each thousand marriages, 75 Asian men marry a member of a different race, whereas 188 Asian women intermarry in each thousand marriages. Predictably, most of the marriages are overwhelmingly Asian-white. However, for both genders, intermarriage rates have declined. A chart produced by the New York Times, can be found here. You can also see that whites have the lowest rates of intermarriage. Thanks to Asian-nation for pointing out the graphic.