Get Out of Town!

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by Todd Lee

In Boston,
Evacuation Day,
March 17,
is a thinly-veiled ploy
to make St. Patrick’s Day
a recognized holiday.

The name “Evacuation Day”
makes sense to me.
Most of those days (and especially nights)
I stay inside, with the windows shut.
I may be paranoid,
but maybe just prudent.

It’s enough to think of the possibility
of acts of violence
against Asians, or other people
of color,
any random day
on the calendar.

Imagine hundreds
of white people in cars
on Get As Drunk As You Can Day,
hopped up on Guiness and Bud Light,
wicked shit-faced and
cruising the streets in Camaros,
looking for trouble
they call “fun”.

Seems to me
on that day
the odds for us
get measurably worse.

On that day,
it only makes sense
to lay low,
or get out of town.