Filipino Activists Picket Philippino Placement Agency

Filipino Workers Center picket

This article has been compiled primarily from press releases from the Filipino Workers Center

For the past several months, the Filipino Workers Center in New York City has been leafleting and picketing the Philippino Placement Agency (PPA) in mid-town Manhatten.

PPA has failed to pay five workers between $1,800 and $21,000 in wages. And these are just the reported cases. The Filipino Workers Center is aware of many more people who have had their wages stolen, but who are afraid to come forward. Despite the abuses, the PPA is still in operation after 14 years.

One typical case is Lily Rivera, who worked as a home health care aide to an elderly woman for $110 a day from March to June 2000. Yet the Philippino Placement Agency did not pay her $2,960 in wages for several months until the the Workers Center and other organizations picketed the agency.

Several workers have filed legal complaints and there are pending criminal charges against the owner of the Agency, Gloria Estabillo. Eight individuals, nurses and home care givers placed by the PPA and former staff of the PPA, originally went to the Workers Center to tell of unpaid wages. The Workers Center's weekly leafleting and pickets have been effective in getting the word out to the community, and in deterring prospective applicants and decreased PPA's business.

The Filipino Workers Center is demanding the immediate payment of wages.

For more information, please call the Filipino Workers Center at 212-741-6806, or email