Federal Resolution Intro'd for Chinese Exclusion Acts: "Regret"

Judy Chu introducing legislation

On May 26th, some US lawmakers launched a drive Thursday for Congress to make an official statement of regret for the 1882 Chinese Exclusion Act, which was the first law that banned immigration based on race.

However, all the proposed bill requires is an expression of deep regret. The 1882 Exclusion Act, which was followed by a series of more restrictive laws, affected hundreds of thousands of Chinese and other Asians for decades. It seems that in that background "regret" -not the stronger "apology" - without any resources for education or other reparations is a cheap way out. 

Representative Judy Chu of California, and the 1882 Project, led by advocates and academics, have been spearheading this effort. Thanks, but this is pretty weak tea.