FBI Reports Increase in Hate Crimes in 2008

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White Supremacist Hate Poster

In the FBI's latest hate crimes reports, police departments reported nearly 9200 hate crimes nationally, a slight increase over 2007 but significantly lower than the 9600 hate crimes reported nationally in 2006 by the FBI’s collection methods.
The largest segment of the 4700 racial hate crimes involved African Americans, about three-quarters. There were 735 hate crimes against Latinos, a small decrease over the past two years. Asian Americans represented less than 4% of the victims of racial hate crimes and 1% of the offenders. Anti-Asian hate crimes have decreased over the last two years. It was nearly 5% of the hate crimes in 2006. Asian American offenders remained at about 1%.
Hate crime statistics encompass those involving racial, ethnic, religious, sexual orientation, or disability hate crimes. The majority of hate crimes involved race. The next largest segment, about a fifth, involved sexual orientation, which has now passed religion.
The majority of the offenders, three out of five, were white. The next largest segment, about a fifth, were African American.

Some of the variation may be due to changes to reporting. The present system is unfortunately voluntary.