Dear ECAASU 2011 Attendee

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Dear ECAASU 2011 Attendee,

I'm Nancy Liang, a member of the ECAASU Board of Directors. On behalf of the BOD, National Board, and Conference Board, I would like to thank everybody for attending the ECAASU 2011 Conference.

ECAASU would like to take a moment to address the contents of our keynote addresses--specifically the views on the military expressed by Ms. Lai Wa Wu and Professor Vijay Prashad. To be absolutely clear, the views of our keynotes on the matter in no way represent the views of the ECAASU organization. In communication with our keynotes beforehand, we were informed that their speeches would be focused on their activism and scholarship with regards to the DREAM Act and Afro-Asian relationships, and we were surprised when this turned out not to be the case.

To members in our audience who are in the military, or have family and friends in the military, we apologize for any offense our keynotes┬╣ remarks may have caused. We appreciate all that you, your friends, and your family has sacrificed for our country. We therefore sincerely hope you saw the opinions expressed as a point of dialogue and not as a statement endorsed by ECAASU. We also hope that you will not let the content of the keynotes affect your views of our organization and that you continue to participate in ECAASU in the future.

To reiterate the message I gave at the closing ceremony, ECAASU is an inclusive -- not exclusive -- organization. We believe in partnering with those who endeavor in introducing more diversity into their organizations, and our sponsors have clearly established their aim towards that end. We are also a nonpartisan non-profit organization, and as such we do not endorse any political affiliation. ECAASU instead focuses on building partnerships and fostering proactive dialogue among our diverse membership and sponsoring organizations, and thus we do not condone antagonistic or divisive rhetoric.

With that said, we wish that you otherwise had a great time at the conference, and we hope to see you at ECAASU 2012 at Duke University. In the spirit of encouraging dialogue, we welcome you to e-mail us if you have any questions or concerns, at, and we encourage you to seek partnerships within and beyond your communities.


Nancy Liang
ECAASU Board of Directors

ECAASU Board of Directors: Allen Pan, Andrew Lee, Michelle Horikawa, Calvin Sun, Tiffany Su