Community Debates Police Force in Arrest of 60 year old Musician

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Police Beat Down Musician Wu Yi-Zhuo

NYC Police come into Columbus Park in Chinatown to stop a 60 year old man, Wu Yi-Zhuo, who's playing Cantonese Opera. In the end, six to eight police arrest the man and bloody him. A crowd of elderly gather around the police and the man, complaining about the arrest in Cantonese. One of the cops pulls out mace and maybe a baton to threaten the crowd. Wu ended up spending the night in jail.

Is there something wrong with this?

Sources associated with the police claim that there had been a complaint against Wu, that he didn't have the proper permits to play amplified music, that he resisted arrest, assumed a "fighting stance," etc. etc. A witness recounted that initially a Chinese-speaking cop tried to talk to Wu for twenty minutes before the violence.

Wu has since said that he belongs to a volunteer music group call Street Musical Club and that he plays to entertain the Chinese elderly in the park. He speaks primarily Chinese and said that he was unaware of the regulations to play music in a public park.

There's a Facebook group that calls for people to contact their elected representatives about police brutality. The debate on it is fairly intense with some people (some affiliated with the police, like a police volunteer) strongly defending the police and others strongly critical.

There is also a community meeting on permits for playing music.

Our experience is that cops often make up facts to justify the use of the force, and some cops like to use force. In the end, the police arrest and jail an older man, who was playing music to the elderly in a public park. Is this what our tax dollars should support?