Chinese Progressive Association Boston 1st Newsletter

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This is from the introduction of first newsletter of the Chinese Progressive Association in February 1978. At the time it was called the Chinatown People's Progressive Association


After months of hard work and the cooperative efforts of many people, the Chinatown People's Progressive Association (CPPA) finally had its opening on July 17, 1977.

The purpose of CPPA is to unite with all that can be united with to better the lives of Chinese people here in the U.S., to support just struggles against oppression and actively build support and carry out education about the People's Republic of China.

Since our opening, we have strived to develop activities and to take up community issues that serve the interests of the masses of people in Chinatown. CPPA has become a place where people can get together to discuss plan, and begin to change the oppressive and unequal conditions in our community. It is a place where people with problems and difficulties can come, knowing that they get help services. It is a place where we can see films from China, see her achievements and learn from her. It is where people in the community can drop by to talk, to read, to have tea and to play ping pong or chess. CPPA is indeed a broad based organization which reflects the progressive sentiments of Chinese people here in Boston.

Chinese peoples here have faced over a century of inequalities in all spheres of life. But where there is oppression, there is resistence. People are determined to struggle for their rights. The sentiments among Chinese restaurant workers for unionization is raising everyday. We plan to sponsor programs around this issue in the future and support the workers in their just struggle. We also support the demands and concerns of the Chinese Parents Asso¬ciation, and the Tai Tung, Mass. Pike and the Castle Square Tenants Associations. Their struggles are part of our overall fight for better education and living conditions. With the expansion of the Tufts New England Medical Center (T NEMC) and the City's Redevelopment Plan', Boston Chinatown has already suffered many evictions and much destruction. Just earlier this month, the City gave Go-ahead to the construction of a Nutrition Building right next to Chinatown, further threatening the existence of the already half demolished Chinatown. We recognize that in order to defend and preserve our community, we must rely on ourselves and to stand out against them.

Since our opening, we have started a tutoring program to help school children who have difficulties in school. We are now starting an English program for adults to begin to deal with the lack of bilingual services forced upon Chinese speaking people.

CPPA has also sponsored many field trips, providing members and community people opportunities to relax, see places and promote mutual friendship and understanding. During the fall, we went to the Benson's Animals Farm, and on an apple picking trip. We also went to the Friendship Game between the soccer team from the People's Republic of China and the New York Cosmos at New Jersey's Giant Stadium. After the game, representatives of CPPA were invited to a reception held for the Chinese Team. We were very happy to meet them and talk with different people on the team. Before we returned to Boston, we had dinner together with the Progressive Chinatown People's Association in New York. This and other get togethers have strengthened the relationship between our two organizations.

CPPA also sponsors dinners for the community. Besides toe fun and the delicious meals, these dinners have brought together many people to participate in different topic presentations. We invited the "Boston Committee Against the Bakke Decision" to come and present to us the history and the impact of the Bakke Decision. Through the discussion, we linked up how this decision directly attacks our rights as minority. On October 15, we participated in the Boston demonstration to defeat the Bakke Decision. Recently, we decided to join the New England Chapter of the Nationwide Anti Bakke Decision Coalition (ABDC) in order to take up the anti bakke work more systematically and be part of this nationwide force. At our Thanksgiving Turkey Dinner, we were very glad to have a representative from the "International Hotel Support Committee" from San Francisco with us. He presented a slide show on the history of their struggle and explained the current developments of their struggle. All these activities have helped us to understand the importance and the need to fight for full equality.

In our pro China activities, we sponsored a commemoration to observe the First Anniversary of the passing of Chairman Mao in September last year. On the occasion of the 28th Anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China, we held a program which included singing, speeches, a puppet show, a performance of Chairman Mao's four minutes exercises and the movie, "Second Spring", from China. Over 250 people from the community came out to celebrate this historic day. This month, the "Boston Chinatown Committee to Demand Normalization of US China Relations", which CPPA is part of, is putting on a program to demand that the U.S. recognizes and normalizes relations with China based on the Shanghai Communiqué. We feel that it is important for us to carry out education about China and learn from the invaluable lessons she has contributed to the people of the world. Many of us have lived in old China and some of us have seen new China, No one can deny the truth that China has changed and that the lives of the masses of people have improved tremendously. As minority people here in the U.S., we are especially interested in how China's minority peoples now enjoy full equality. China is a shining inspiration to us and we will continue to support and learn from her.

This Newsletter is one of the ways CPPA can let people know about our organization and promote better understanding between us. This month is the 6th month since the founding of CPPA. We will continue to serve the community and to move forward. In order to do this, we need support from all of you. We welcome people in the community to apply for membership or to help us in our activities. We encourage you to come to our programs or drop by to meet us when you can. HOPE TO SEE YOU SOON!