Chinese Mothers, Comcast, Remeasuring Asian American Poverty

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Amy Chua's recent excerpt in the Wall Street Journal about the superiority of Chinese mothers has ignited an uproar. While she's right that not everybody's child is above average, has anyone noticed that this is a very class-biased analysis? Working class Chinese mothers don't quite have the time to spent all day forcing their children to learn a piano piece. Their kids also don't have the opportunity to attend sleep-overs at their classmates, unless they want to spend the night on their friends' kitchen floors. So if Amy Chua is right, she talking about a certain class of Chinese mothers. Anyway, the uproar is helping her sell books.

Asian American media has been giving Comcast props to providing some support to Asian American film festivals and productions. Maybe one reason they've become Asia-philes  is that they're trying to win approval in D.C. for their purchase of NBC. Follow the money in corporate policies.

The Census Bureau is testing alternative measures for measuring poverty. Among the new ideas is to take into account the cost of living of the places where people live. If that's taken into account, this has a larger effect on Asian American poverty rates than other racial groups - it jumps from 12.5% to between 17.3-19.3%, about a 50% increase. You can find the table here (it's table 2).