Chinese Exclusion 'Regret,' Bilingual Ballots, Shark Fin&Foie Gras, APA Occupy, Gaysian?


The U.S. Senate expressed regret for the Exclusion Acts that barred Chinese from legally immigrating to the U.S. in Senate Resolution 201. Rep. Judy Chu from California has introduced a companion resolution in the house.  But so what? There's no money or actions attached to the legislation. In fact, the Senate added an amendment to bar any claims agains the government. Isn't it better to wait for a more favorable time to introduce a bill that means something?

The census identified areas where bilingual ballots applied. Asian Americans were significantly affected. Of the 248 jurisdictions, 43 applied to Asian Americans. The state with the largest number of areas requiring bilingual ballots for Asian Americans, California was the largest with 22. New York followed with 5, and Hawaii with 4. Other states included Alaska, Illinois, Massachusetts, Michigan, Nevada, New Jersey, Texas, and Washington. Languages included Filipino, Bangladeshi, Chinese, Korean, and Asian Indian.

California has banned the sale and distribution shark's fins as well as foie gras. California chefs are more upset about the upcoming July ban on foie gras. Only Chinese chefs are upset about the shark fin ban that takes place in July 2013. The traffic in Shark's fins is significantly contributing to the decline of sharks, while the practice of force feeding ducks to create foie gras is considered cruel to animals. Hey, if you need this stuff, this foodie thing is going too far. Ban both.

Many Asian American organizations are joining and supporting the Occupy Movement. There was an Asian American contingent in a OccupyLA march. The Chinese Progressive Association in San Francisco, CAAAV in New York, and API Movement Boston & CPA Boston are all actively involved among others.