Call to Occupy Portsmouth Sq., SF Chinatown Oct. 30th

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Pam and Ben Lee

from Pam Tau Lee and Ben Lee

Been there? Done that? Time to do it again!

Remember the days when we gathered in Portsmouth Sq and supported Chinatown residents and workers? The energy, militancy, and political clarity for this current moment is truly exciting. Back in the 70's and 80's the turnout was predominately Lo Wah Que (older Chinese immigrant men). Today the turnout continues to be relevant with immigrant youth, workers and Chinatown residents and their families are stepping up. They are on the web with their bilingual messages "We are a part of the 99%." The number of national and international Google "hits" is amazing.

On October 30th from 10am - 3pm CPA will hold a "We are the 99%" action in Portsmouth Sq. Can you be there? Break out those old green field or Members Only jackets (just kidding), cool shades, and youthful excitement. Depending on how things pan out, the CPA members might be going to the Occupy Wall Street encampment on Market Street in solidarity. Last week they helped surround Wells Fargo in the Financial District.

CPA must be doing the right thing because the Chinatown versions of Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck are attacking CPA on the radio. They are claiming CPA is toxic, bad for the community, and turning youth and residents into "hippies." Ha! Ha!


We can do this, right?

Let us know, and if you can, pass this around to others who might be interested.

Thanks so much,

Pam and Ben


Call from CPA - San Francisco

Over the last couple of weeks, we have been energized by the Occupy movements and are proud to be in solidarity. Last night’s raid in Oakland and the assault on peaceful protesters by police is a solemn reminder that we must continue the fight to ensure that the voices of low-income immigrants and communities of color continue to be a part of the discourse and that peaceful protest is allowed.

Our members have declared, “We are the 99%”! Many of our members and their families came to the US in search of an American Dream, but instead have experienced wage theft, unemployment, and no or little access to health care.  Many of them have also been moved by what is happening across the country and have been adding their voices to the We are 99 movement.

Check out their We Are the 99% stories.

As the income gap and inequality continues to grow and low-income and middle class families continue to suffer, it is time for us to demand something different!  

To continue education in the Chinese community about the Occupy movements and the growing inequality in the US, we will be holding a public educational this Sunday! Come and join us and share your own "We are 99" story! There will be street theater, discussions, and educationals on the Occupy movement.

In Solidarity,

Alex Tom

Executive Director

Event Info:

We are the 99% -- From Wall Street to Chinatown

Date: Sunday, October 30th

Time: 10 am to 1 pm. Program starts at noon.

Place: Portsmouth Square (at Kearny St and Clay St), Chinatown, San Francisco

What: Theater, music, performances, discussions, and refreshments

Questions? Call 415-391-6986 or Email