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from NYC student publication, Harmony, 1970

(This is an answer to the article, "Chinaman on a 'Hard Hat' Job" by Mr. Bell Yee, in the September, 1970 issue.)
Throughout your summer experience with the hard hats, you witnessed the injustices of white racism. Yet you questioned why "the Chinese male in the white society's eyes is nothing more than dirt and the Chinese female is elevated onto a pedestal." 
Chinese females and all other females of COLOR (YOUR SISTERS) are considered tramps by the white pigs. White pigs Just want to FUCK US ... White PIGS don’t want to understand us ... they don't want to know of our existence as a person ... they don't respect us ... All they want to do is FUCK US. White pigs want to use Chinese females for a physical and biological outlet of their sexual needs and that’s all. 
This ideology of the White rac1st mind goes not "elevate the Chinese female onto a pedestal." Rather, the white racist lowers the Chinese female to that of a whore. 
If you believe that in the white rac1st mind, we are the "image of the honorable sex symbol" and "considered desirable. ... in the form of Oriental" GODDESSES, you are a pig in a yellow skin. 
Brother, help your sisters eradicate the false myth of an "exotic Oriental sex Goddess" by not believing it yourself. Do not "elevate" us by the white racist stan¬dards of "all body and no mind." 
Brother, we are right by your side in fight1ng for OUR FREEDOM. 
Unite, Brothers and Sisters 
Susan Young 
Brooklyn College 
NOV., 1970