Asians Americans Decry Anti-North Korean Bond Film

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Die Another Bond

Ramsay Liem, Mike Liu

The next James Bond film, Die Another Day, presently in production uses North Korea as the villainous antagonist to frame its "storyline". While the details of the script have not been revealed, it is clear that Bond (Pierce Brosnan) will be fighting "evil" in Korea. One Korean actor, who was offered a key role in the film, has already turned it down.. In-Pyo Cha declined the role of the main villain, Colonel Moon, saying the film uses "another country's [political] climate for its own entertainment purposes."

The last thing we need in the present Bush climate is to further demonize North Koreans let alone on the big screen. The National Asian American Telecommunication Association (SF) will be expressing its concern about the film and requesting a copy of the script so to judge how Koreans will be portrayed.

The producers, EON, are not likely to respond, though, unless they feel some heat. Korean Americans for Progressive Action are asking people to take a few minutes and snail mail your expression of concern. Points that can writers can make are:

In the face of Bush's "Axis of Evil" mongering and the current climate in the U.S., bashing North Korea - is pure commercial opportunism - will further inflame hatred of all Koreans - and risks provoking hate crimes against all Asians

The note does not have to be long, and ask to see a copy of the script.

Send your letter to the producers: Michael Wilson and Barbara Broccoli EON Productions, Pinewood Studios Pinewood Road, Iver Heath, Buckinghamshire SLO ONH.

Please email KAPA after you have sent your letter so that they can keep track of the public response.