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Flyer Distributed in Washington D.C. April 1971 Anti-War March
as formatted in original flyer

Asian Sisters and Brothers Unite! against the imperialist policies of the U.S. govt. which are oppressing our people everywhere The same tactics used by Nixon to exploit our sisters and brothers in Asia are used against Asian and Third World people in this country:

--- Asian lands are turned into American military bases. Land which should he used to feed Asian people is used to guarantee the security" of foreign aggressors. Land is annexed forcibly, as in Indochina, or "lent" to the imperialists by puppets like Chiang Kai-shek, Lan Nol, Pak Jung Hi and Sato.
     Similarly, our Asian communities are quickly being appropriate by the U.S. govt., and by the greedy capita- list corporations which support it, for their own profit. The Holiday Inn has invaded S.F. Chinatown; Bell Telephone Co. has pushed into N.Y.; Tufts-New England Medical Center continues to prey on Boston Chinatown; "redevelopment Plans" threaten to evict Filipinos from what remains of S.F. Manilatown. These aggressors steal our lands without regard for our people's welfare -- they use dollars instead of bullets, but their policies are the same.

--- American economic imperialism is exploiting the "cheap" labor and natural resources of Asia: oil in the China Sea and Indonesia; tin and rubber in Malaysia, etc. With 7% of the world population, the imperialist U.S. govt. claims over 50% of the world's resources as its own. The U.S. imperialists use Asia as a dumping ground for their goods, and profits thus earned fatten the exploiters rather than develop the countries which are being forced to become markets for U.S. firms.
      Similarly, with the cooperation of reactionary Asian lackeys here (such as the 6 Companies, the Chinese Benevolent Associations and the J.A.C.L.), "cheap" ghetto labor is used in garment factories which cheat the people of fair wages, in offices which hire Asian cleaning maids for virtually nothing, and in the U.S. Navy which degrades our Filipino brothers by making them servile orderlies. Shoddy wares are dumped into Third World ghettoes at Prices higher than elsewhere. Thus we and our Third World comrades, like those abroad, are colonized. We are used both as a source of manpower and as a 'good market" by oppressive corporations.

Is it not obvious that Asians in America must join our Asaan sisters and brothers abroad, not only to protest the racist and genocidal war in Indochina, but also to combat the imperia- list actions of the U.S. govt. all over the world?

Our Indochinese sisters and brothers are fighting force with force, and their rifles and grenades are defeating tanks and B-52's. We must learn from their heroism and try, by any means necessary, to stop the racist and imperialist policies that threaten to annihilate our own Asian communities. The liberated Chinese, Korean and Vietnamese peoples have thrown cut the running dogs of the U.S. They have built strong, healthy societies by themselves, and they refuse to he used to enrich foreign aggressors. We must learn to serve our own people and make it unnecessary for Asians to depend on scraps from the U.S. imperialists for survival. We must reject the sell-out "leadership" of the Asian "Establishment", and make the voice of the people speak for our communities.

This Asian Contingent must be a beginning, not an end. By merely marching today we have not done our share. Our share, as Third World people, is to overthrow U.S. imperialism from within, just as that of our sisters and brothers abroad is to defeat U.S. imperialism in their own lands, and end the oppression of all Asian people. The Indochinese recognize that our struggles are one and the same. We are the same people fighting the same enemy.