Asian Homeownership and Immigration Falls.

The recession has had significant effects on Asian Americans. We previously noted the increase in unemployment rates.

According to the Census' American Community Survey, the Asian American fall in homeownership exceeding those of any other group. While Asian Americans own their homes at rates higher than that of other communities of color, their homeownership rate dropped below 60%, a fall of 1.3%. For Blacks, Latinos, and Whites, the rates fell 0.9%, 0.8%, and 0.4%, respectively. The reasons for this decrease are not clear.

Is It Time for Class War Yet?

The financial company, Citigroup, which the government bailed out for $45 billion wants to pay out a $110 million bonus -- to one guy named Andrew Hall.


This is the same Citigroup that received $45 billion in bailout money. The same Citigroup that will soon be 34% owned by the U.S. government. The same Citigroup that has lost 95% of its share value since 2007.

Asian American Redress - Part 2: California Apologizes for Racist Laws

On July 17, the California legislature approved a bill apologizing to the state's Chinese-American community for racist laws enacted beginning in the mid–19th century Gold Rush era. The laws barred Chinese from owning land or property, marrying whites, attending public schools, holding government jobs and testifying against whites in court. Localities also levied additional taxes and restrictions on Chinese enclaves. The resolution also recognizes the contributions Chinese immigrants have made to California, particularly their work building the Transcontinental Railroad.

Recession Begins to Bite Asian Americans

Mike Liu


Asian American unemployment jumped from 6.7% to 8.2% (not seasonally adjusted) from May to June. While Asian Americans in the last several years have had the lowest unemployment rates of all the racial groups, their unemployment rates are now approaching those of Whites, whose comparable June unemployment rate was 8.8%. For Blacks and Hispanics, the comparable June rates were 15.3% and 12.1%.


Asian American Voters Continue to Face Discrimination and Improper Voter ID Checks


from AALDEF Press Release

The Asian American Legal Defense and Education Fund (AALDEF), reported that Asian American voters continued to face obstacles to voting. Based upon its work at 172 poll sites in nine eastern states around the November 2006 elections, AALDEF published a new report on this subject.


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