White supremacist pleads guilty in shootings

Reprinted from Associated Press
By Linda Deutsch, Associated Press

LOS ANGELES - The white supremacist accused of killing a letter carrier and wounding five people at a Jewish community center pleaded guilty to murder and hate crime charges yesterday in a deal that spares him the death penalty.

Under the plea bargain, Buford O. Furrow, 39, will be sentenced to life in prison without parole.

Philadelphia Chinatown Fights Stadium Development

by Mike Liu (with thanks to Jeff Fong, George McKinney, and Andrew Leong)


On 11/13, PHILADELPHIA MAYOR JOHN STREET ANNOUNCED REVISION OF THE PLAN TO BUILD A NEW STADIUM FOR THE PHILADELPHIA PHILLIES NEAR CHINATOWN! Instead, the city will try to build both the Phillies stadium and the Eagles stadium near the existing South Philadelphia Sports Complex.


First Person Plural: A universal story of a Korean American adoptee

Deann Borshay Liem's First Person Plural is a penetrating exploration of the interactions between identity, superpower dominance, and family. An autobiographical film, First Person follows Liem's adoption as a Korean child through a search, provoked by the unexpected emergence of memories in adulthood, for her biological mother.

Adoptive Politics

Nobuko Miyamoto

This is an edited interview conducted by InMotion magazine, an exchange partner of our e-zine. Check out this multicultural democracy site . There is another part to this interview not included on this site.

Great Leap