Amerikan Ako

By Barry Buenaventura

Pilipino, yeah that's me
Murdered at the age of ten
Genocide infanticide matricide
Only way out suicide homicide
Cant break free can I get off this crazy ride

Pilipino yeah that's me
Sent to hell at half past twelve
Sent to jail without bail
My soul is now up for sale
Half price no rice head full of lice
Took the chance and rolled the dice
Now I'm diced served in apple pies
White lies crimson skies with gypsy eyes
Hypnotize mezmerize paralyze
All I can do is cry.

Because Not to Cry is an Injustice

by Rathanak Michael Keo


the poor all try to dream but we live under the threat
of blinding blue and red nightlights that
send out guardian angels to protect us
from ourselves,   
harvesting colored youths for safe keeping
while Rush Limbaugh experiments
with painkillers for a third time  
and buys his way out of jail. 

our walls resonate with the hymns of new mothers singing,
hush-a-bye baby don’t you cry…

Mourning Ten Thousand Sorrows

By Ji-Yeon Yuh

This article was first printed in Korean Quarterly newspaper.

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Pearl Horror 2001: "The Good, the Bad and the Ugly...."

By Burt Takeuchi
Nihonmachi Outreach Committee

Review based on a prescreening of the film made in Santa Clara CA. May 22nd, 2001 at the Mercado 20 Theaters. This was for the press and not a live audience.

The Good:
Pearl Harbor has fantastic special effects. Maybe the best aerial sequences ever created by Hollywood. It captures a young mans dreams on film ....the love of adventure and flying. The special effects are really dizzying so dont go if you get air sick.


by Mike Liu

A jury convicted a man charged in a series of attacks against Asian-American women in the Chicago area was found guilty of sexually assaulting a fifteen year old Vietnamese American girl.

Mark Anthony Lewis was convicted of home invasion and eight counts of aggravated criminal sexual assault for repeatedly raping the girl in June, 2000. He is awaiting trial on charges that he raped several other Asian American women during that year.

Lewis had posed as a police officer, census taker, and immigration officer to get into homes.

OCA Statement on Release of US crew and Hate Incidents Against Chinese

The Organization of Chinese Americans (OCA) is delighted to hear word this morning that China will soon release the 24 American crewmen.

Unfortunately, for Chinese Americans the problem does not end with the release of the crewmen. Despite the fact that we are U.S. citizens and permanent residents, we continue to be beset with false characterizations and, when circumstances like this incident arise, our loyalty and patriotism are questioned.

During the past week:


Mike Liu

Asian American organizations are stepping up their work for immigrantion and immigrant rights.

In New York, the Coalition against Anti-Asian Violence staged a rally in anticipation of a critical Supreme Court immigrant decision in the next few weeks. They protested outside INS Headquarters on Federal Plaza in New York City.