Korean American Film Festival New York and Big Screen Project Launch KAFFNY Urban Program in Midtown

I got this press release for a Korean American Film Festival in New York City. Check it out:

Korean American Film Festival New York and Big Screen Project Launch KAFFNY Urban Program in Midtown, Nov. 3-7, 2010

The Korean American Film Festival New York or KAFFNY today announced five days of film programming to kick off Eventi Hotel's Big Screen Project launch in New York CIty.

Minneapolis : Justice for Fong Lee

 The Hmong community and police reform activists organized a rally last Saturday, October 2, for a teenager killed by Minneapolis Police Officer Jason Anderson. The rally was held at Cityview Performing Arts Magnet school, Anderson chased Fong Lee and shot him eight times in the back in 2006. Officer Jason Andersen claimed Lee raised an arm as if to shoot.

Asian Americans United Begin Posting Oral Histories

Asian Americans United, which began in the 1985 in Philadelphia, has begun posting oral histories of its members. They included histories from founders Debbie Wei, Paul Uyehara and Mary Yee. The organization has been involved in significant redevelopment issues around Chinatown as well as educational and youth issues. AAU succeeded Yellow Seeds whose history and archives are posted on this site.

The oral histories can be accessed here.

SEARAC Denounces Deportations of Cambodian Americans, Calls for Fairness in Immigration Policies

The Southeast Asia Resource Action Center (SEARAC) based in D.C. has noted a significant rise in the detention and removal of Cambodian Americans from Lowell, MA; Long Beach, CA; and Philadelphia, PA. Communities have organized prayer vigils in Lowell and Philadelphia in mid-August and a rally in Philadelphia last week to protest the deportations of community members. They have also demanded changes to immigration policies.

Momentum builds for Sept. 11 march to support NYC Muslims

A number of New York Asian American groups including Nodutdol For Korean Community Development, BAYAN-USA, DRum and CAAAV are joining in a Sept. 11 March to support Muslims in their effort to build a Muslim Community Center in that city. 

The march is scheduled for Sept. 11 at 1:00 p.m. The rally begins on the east side of City Hall. There has been strong support from the Islamic community, including from the the Islamic Leadership Council, representing 50+ mosques and community centers around the city. Publicity has been widespread so a large march is expected.

Asian Students and School System Still At Odds as DOJ Supports Student Claims of Harassment

The U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) sent a letter at the end of August to Philadelphia School District supporting Asian American claims of systemic racial injustice at South Philadelphia High School. They found merit in the claims of Asian students who said they were abused at South Philadelphia High School. The DOJ advised school officials to settle the matter.

Family Unity Campaign to Stop Cambodian American Deportations

From Deported Diaspora

ICE has been conducting targeted raids across the US over the past few weeks.  They started to hit Massachusetts last week. We are in touch with four of the families picked up here in MA and two others picked up in Maine. ICE is targeting Cambodian Nationals with prior "orders of removal." All of the detainees are fathers and husbands to US-citizen children and spouses and have been the main income provider for their families including their elderly parents.