Chopped Liver Asians, Recession, Bumbling Heroes, Muslim Attitudes

Are Asian Americans "chopped liver" to the Obama administration? The Asian Pacific Islaner Caucus in Congress has yet to get a meeting with the President 33 months into his administration. Though the administration recently agreed to meet them, Rep. Mike Honda complained about the lengthy delay and asked "What are we? Chopped Liver?" On the other hand, the President has only met once with the Black Caucus.  

The Census most recent report on income revealed that Asian Americans are among those hardest hit by the recession. Since 2007, Asian household income by declined by 7.5 percent, second only to the decline in Black household income (10.1 percent). Non-Hispanic-White household income declined by 5.4 percent, and Hispanic household income declined by 7.2 percent. Over the last year, the change in poverty rate of Asian Americans, somewhat over 12 percent, was not statistically signficant, and Asians had the largest drop in health insurance coverage, though their coverage level at 81.9% is second to Whites.

APA's for Progress noted that the New York Police Department has busted some Chinatown shops for selling counterfeit goods i.e. replica goods that were made for funerals. Chinese Americans been in New York for over 150 years - hasn't the NYPD developed cultural competency yet or is that asking too much from our heroes? 

A recent survey indicates that U.S. Muslims remain moderate despite suffering from harassment. The majority say that their life has been harder since the ten years from 9/11. However only one percent feel that violence against civilians is justified as a means to defend Islam. The report is linked here.